Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Link between the Bear and Destiny

Translated by Ian Haight. thanks Ian!

Original post:

Sorry for the late blog update. You’re probably worried, but when I go camping and find a place to stay there’s usually no Wi-Fi or I’m resting so it’s not easy to update the blog. Today I’m staying put for more than a day so I have some time for updates. I hope you all understand. Don’t worry too much because a lot of my new acquaintances are helping me. After Marathon there was a place called Wawa where I stayed at. The church people there said I could spend the night at their church. Right now it feels like half-camp, half-home. I didn’t know I had these relationships, which I’m so grateful for. My fingers and my left hand feel numb but it doesn’t hurt so I can still wander. Thank you.

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