Help Us

You can help Sunim complete his journey by offering him a warm bed and hot meal. Please send your name, address and phone number to

Sunim is undertaking a task that will exert severe stress on his body. The physical demands required to peddle 30,000 kilometers will require replenishments in the form of proper rest and above normal intake of nutrition. This cannot be accomplished when sleeping on the ground and eating freeze dried or convenience store foods. This can be accomplished through sleeping in regular beds and eating nutritious home cooked meals, something Sunim wasn’t planning on enjoying.

By offering a warm bed and hot meal to Sunim you will be helping him by providing his body with rejuvenating sleep and replenishing his body with the energy it needs to peddle hundreds of kilometers every day.

We are creating a host list for Sunim throughout North and South America. Exact routes may depend on where host offers are located. It doesn’t really matter where you live because Sunim might just come your way. If he does we will contact you well in advance. By sending us your name, address, phone number and email address you will be offering Sunim a better chance at completing his Journey Of Spirit.
What you can do:

Be a Host- Send your contact info to his Facebook Page or email it to
Spread the word- Contact friends, relatives, co-workers and refer them to Sunim’s Facebook page asking them for their kind support in being a host. Visit his page often, check up on his progress, and “like” the posts and pictures that interest you. This will increase the reach of his page and encourage more people to visit it.

Support through food- Offer to buy Sunim lunch or provide a “care package” of road food (trail mix, granola bars, dried fruit etc.) and drop it off, or mail it, to his closest host residence that we will provide to you. If you realize his route passes right by you, contact us and he will stop by to accept your support through food.

Support his bicycle- Offer maintenance and repair services if he passes through your area.

Join his Team - Offer a few minutes of your time to help us network for Sunim. Sending emails to media, organizations, clubs, associations that may be able to help by hosting Sunim.

Financial Support- Though our mandate is not to solicit monetary donations we can accept offerings of money, prepaid cards etc. that will go directly to Sunim to use as he requires for things like food, bike repairs, medical care and hostel stays when it’s cold, raining and there are no hosts in his area.

Translation services- We are looking for people who speak both Korean and English so that we can communicate effectively with Sunim on a weekly Skype call. Also to help in translating his weekly blog posts from Korean to English so his supporters in North America can read his own words describing the trials and tribulations he experiences throughout his pilgrimage. We are also looking for people who speak both Spanish and English. We hope to start a Spanish Facebook page for the South American leg of his journey but need volunteers fluent in Spanish to help us manage such a page.

Ideas and Suggestions- If you have an idea or suggestion as to how we could develop hosts. Suggestions such as specific travel hosting web sites that we may not have knowledge of. If you have specific knowledge of routes (such as bike paths that keep him off the highways) that may be enjoyable for Sunim then let us know by posting on the Facebook page. Any and all ideas that can get Sunim safely to Argentina are welcomed. Sunims volunteers(3 of us so far), have minimal knowledge of road systems in South America so tips and suggestions from people who are familiar with aspects of road travel there are welcome to send us suggestions and tips. Tips such as places to stay and places to stay away from.

If you can help, think you can help or have any ideas on how we can serve Sunim more effectively please let us know.